Dome Status - Practices Resume!

UpdatedMonday December 9, 2019 byBSC Registrar.

DOME UPDATE - 12/9/19 Part 2
We are officially back to practicing this week. All normal schedules resume. Tonight's Coerver is the regularly scheduled December 9th practice night for:
5-6 U12 Boyus
6-7 U14 & U16 Boys
7-8 U14 & U16 Girls
Those who missed Coerver practice on the 2nd will add a week at the end. As will all other practices from last week.
Thank you all for your patience!
The dome is up, but we are still waiting on final occupancy clearance. We should know at some point today. Please stay tuned for confirmation.
DOME UPDATE - 12/6/19
An attempt was made to inflate the dome today, but there was still too much snow on the center section causing it to sag. We need another day to shovel snow.
If you or anyone you know is available tomorrow from 9-12 come to the dome. The rate is $15/hour. If you have any questions, please contact Afrim's at 518-438-3131.

DOME UPDATE - 12/4/19
The process to remove all the snow and re-inflate the dome will likely take all week. Once the dome is inflated again though, we have to make sure all inside equipment is functional and ready for use. We will be canceling practices for the remainder of this week and will extend at the end of our indoor schedule to make up for this missed time.

WORKERS - at this point Afrim's could use workers on other days as well. If you have available time or know someone who does, please call Afrim's at 518-438-3131 to find out more.

Thank you!

DOME UPDATE - Afrim's will be working tomorrow starting at 9 am to remove snow from the side of the dome in order to be able to re-inflate. They are looking for people willing to work. $15 per hour. Dress warm. Please call Afrim's if you are interested and able - 518-438-3131.

PLEASE DON'T PANIC. Due to snow accumulation, the dome has been deflated for safety. We will remove the snow and re-inflate. Practices are canceled until further notice. More information will be emailed to club members. Please stay tuned.