COVID-19 Message

Closed until end of March

UpdatedSaturday March 14, 2020 byBSC Registrar.

To our entire Bethlehem Soccer Community,

The priority of the Bethlehem Soccer Club is to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved in all sponsored activities.  Considering the current situation with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BSC will be suspending all activities at this time through the end of the March.  In addition, the fields at the Bethlehem Soccer Plex are closed to all activity during this time. 

As you are all aware, there have been a variety of responses to this current situation at every level of government and throughout the world of sport.  There is a tremendous amount of information currently available regarding this situation, with new announcements and press releases happening almost continually.  The BSC Board of Directors and administration will be closely monitoring the situation and reviewing safe practice recommendations from all government entities, as well as those involved in the governance of our sport.   The BSC will be in weekly communication with you to keep you informed regarding future activities of the club as this situation continues to develop.   


Bethlehem Soccer Club