Seeking New Club Assistant

UpdatedTuesday July 28, 2020 byBSC Registrar.


The Bethlehem Soccer Club is seeking a permanent candidate for the Club Assistant position. Current club procedures require certain business activities and job functions to be performed by separate employees to ensure the effectiveness of our internal financial controls. The Club is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill this position. The workload is expected to be 2-5 hours per week and will be variable depending on the season or additional projects assigned. Additional responsibilities will be added as efficiency in our registration systems is reached.

The responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Complete all billing adjustments in the registration system.
  • Post all payments and credits to Club accounts.
  • Assist the Administrator with system generated reports as needed.
  • Complete special projects as assigned by the Club Manager or Board of Directors.
  • Play a vital role on the Annual Tournament Committee.
  • Serve as coordinator for the fall and spring Recreation Bake Sale.
  • Expand role to include more duties with registration as well as volunteer assignments.


  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Knowledge of Google applications helpful.
  • Must be proficient with interactive computer systems.
  • Prefer to fill the position with a current club member but applicants outside the club will be considered. 
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and time management skills required.

This will be our final posting. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Beth Pike at by August 3, 2020 to be considered for this position. 

Interviews will be scheduled starting next week.